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Clothes washers

Clothes washers

Clothes Washer in Modern Home

Get $20 cash back

Stop hanging your energy bill out to dry

Upgrade to an efficient clothes washer and receive $20 cash back on your purchase. ENERGY STAR certified clothes washers use about 25% less energy and 33% less water than regular washers. Over the lifetime of the product, models that have earned the ENERGY STAR can save $370 in energy costs.

Clothes washers must meet minimum criteria for ENERGY STAR Residential Clothes Washers.

Product Type Current Criteria
ENERGY STAR Residential Clothes Washers, Front-loading (> 2.5 cu-ft) IMEF ≥ 2.76
IWF ≤ 3.2
ENERGY STAR Residential Clothes Washers, Top-loading (> 2.5 cu-ft) IMEF ≥ 2.06
IWF ≤ 4.3
ENERGY STAR Residential Clothes Washers (≤ 2.5 cu-ft) IMEF ≥ 2.07
IWF ≤ 4.2

Commercial clothes washers, compact washers ≤ 1.6 cubic feet, clothes washers with capacity ≤ 2.5 cubic feet, configurations other than a front-loading or top-loading design, combination and coin operated washer-dryers are not eligible for incentives.

Required documents:

  • Itemized receipt or contractor invoice
  • Third Party Payment Addendum for applicants who would like to forward payment to a third party not listed on the utility account
  • IRS W-9 Form, if applicable*
    *Applicable only to businesses and non-individual customers, including landlords, applying for incentives

 Incentives are associated with the Home Energy Savings program March 28, 2022 tariff filing approved by the California Public Utilities Commission. All incentives are subject to change with 45 days notice. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

Residential electric customers residing in the state of California who purchase their electricity from Pacific Power on rate schedules D, DL-6, DS-8, DM-9 or NEM-35 qualify. Landlords who own rental properties served by the company in the state of California where the tenant is billed on rate schedules D, DL-6, DS-8, DM-9 or NEM-35 also qualify for this program. You can locate your rate schedule on your bill or by calling 1-888-221-7070. Incentive checks are only issued in the name of the Pacific Power account holder.

You will need these items to apply online for your incentive:

  • Pacific Power account number
  • Electronic image of your receipt that shows the manufacturer name and model number of your new product

Important details:

  • Complete and submit your application within 90 days of purchasing your new energy-efficient product
  • Please allow six weeks plus mail service time for delivery of your incentive check after we receive your approved application and receipt
  • You can locate your account number on your statement as shown below

Example of Account Number on Pacific Power Bil

Have you already applied? Track your incentive status. Please allow 48 hours for your online application to load in our system.



Incentives for appliances

Clothes washers